Volume I


Current regulations will not protect patient privacy in the age of machine learning

Ashwin Narayan

Edited by Jordan Harrod and Anthony Tabet


Antibiotic resistance: How to prevent the next public health emergency

Emma H. Yee, Steven S. Cheng, Grant A. Knappe, and Christine A. Moomau

Edited by Shruti Muralidhar and Anthony Tabet


Coral reefs are critical for our food supply, tourism, and ocean health. We can protect them from climate change

Hanny E. Rivera, Andrea N. Chan, and Victoria Luu

Edited by Alexandra Churikova and Anthony Tabet

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A sustainable geostationary space environment requires new norms of behavior

Thomas G. Roberts and Carson Bullock

Edited by Robert Tomos Johanson and Anthony Tabet


Institutions and governments can slow climate change by regulating and reducing halocarbon refrigerant use

Martin Wolf, Adam Meier, Bridget Nyland, Sejong Youn, Debra Stump, and Wendy Jacobs

Edited by Kindle Williams and Anthony Tabet


Federal R&D funding: the bedrock of national innovation

Rebecca Mandt, Kushal Seetharam, and Chung Hon Michael Cheng

Edited by Jack Reid and Anthony Tabet

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Reducing gender bias in STEM

Stephanie Mabel Kong, Katherine Margaret Carroll, Daniel James Lundberg, Paige Omura and Bianca Arielle Lepe

Edited by Friederike M. C. Benning and Anthony Tabet


Therapeutic gene editing is here, can regulations keep up?

Soumya Kannan and Devora Najjar

Edited by Manraj S. Gill and Anthony Tabet

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A self driving license: Ensuring autonomous vehicles deliver on the promise of safer roads

Christopher Bradley and Victoria Preston

Edited by Serena Booth and Anthony Tabet

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