VOL. II (2020-2021)

Manraj Gill

Interviews Director

Manraj Gill is a PhD student in the Department of Biology at MIT. He is interested in biophysical models of gene regulation and in the intersection of science and society. Before contributing to the inaugural issue of the MIT Science Policy Review last year as an associate editor, Manraj had served as an editor of the Berkeley Scientific Journal’s Interviews Department.

Jordan Harrod

Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Jordan Harrod is a PhD student in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program. She works at the intersection of non-invasive brain-machine interfaces and deep learning for clinical pain and anesthesia under Dr. Ed Boyden and Dr. Emery Brown. Before becoming Chief Operating Officer at the MIT Science Policy Review, Jordan served as Science Editor for The Tech, Longform Editor for Science in the News, more

and Science Writer for Massive Science. In her spare time, she makes YouTube videos on how we interact with artificial intelligence every day. You can follow her on Twitter @JordanBHarrod.

Ethan Klein

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

Ethan A. Klein is a Ph.D. candidate in the Laboratory for Nuclear Security and Policy at MIT. His research focuses on the development of novel nuclear detection technologies and is funded by a National Nuclear Security Administration NNIS fellowship. He is a member of the MIT group voted the ACA’s 2019 Arms Control Person of the Year and a member of the 2019-20 Stanford U.S.-Russia more

Forum’s arms control working group. Mr. Klein formerly served as a policy advisor at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and a science policy fellow at the Institute for Defense Analyses. Mr. Klein holds an S.B. in Chemistry and Physics from MIT.

Grant Knappe

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Grant Knappe is a chemical engineering PhD student at MIT. His research is focused on developing chemical methods in DNA nanotechnology for applications in vaccine technology and nanomedicine under Dr. Mark Bathe in the Biological Engineering department. Before becoming Chief Executive Officer at the MIT Science Policy Review, Grant was a deputy Editor-in-Chief for the inaugural issue. In his free time, Grant enjoys reading, street photography, and music.

Julian Manyika

Technology Director

Julian Manyika is a Technology Director of the MIT Science Policy Review. He is a Bachelor of Science Candidate in Computer Science and a minor in Philosophy, currently in his third year at MIT. Outside of academics, Julian is also a former delegate in the 2018 inaugural International Congress of Youth Voices and a member of the MIT varsity basketball team. In his free time, Julian enjoys reading and writing short stories.

Yana Petri


Yana is a first-year graduate student in the Raines lab at MIT’s Department of Chemistry. She is interested in physical organic chemistry, cancer biology, and immunology. Before becoming Chief Innovation Officer at MIT Science Policy Review, Yana served as Editor-in-Chief at the Berkeley Scientific Journal. In her free time, Yana enjoys reading and dancing salsa.

VOL. I (2019-2020)

Hannah Contreras

Ethan Klein

Marla Evelyn Odell

Julian Manyika

Anthony Tabet

Jordan Harrod

Yana Petri