Board Chair

Prof. Noelle Selin

Associate Professor at MIT IDSS,
Director of MIT TPP

Board Members

Bryan Bryson

Assistant Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT

Stuart Cantrill

Editor-in-Chief of Nature Chemistry

Danielle DeLatte

Space Systems Engineer at Draper Laboratory

Tarek Fadel

Assistant Director of Marble Center for Cancer Nanomedicine at the Koch Institute

David Goldston

Director of MIT-DC Office

Paula Hammond

Professor and Department Head of Chemical Engineering at MIT

Betsy Hodges

47th Mayor of Minneapolis, Kennedy School Fellow

Shalin Jyotishi

CEO of the Journal of Science Policy and Governance

Dan Pomeroy

Executive Director of the Harvard Scientific Citizenship Initiative

Jenna Sternberg

Editor at Cell Reports

Anthony Tabet

Founding Editor-in-Chief at the MIT Science Policy Review

Katie Zimmerman

Director of Copyright Strategy at MIT Libraries